Horizon TV series named Horizon 2074

PlayStation’s Horizon TV series is reportedly called Horizon 2074, indicating that it takes place during the fall of humanity a thousand years before the games.

The name was shared along with a crew list on the Directors Guild of Ontario website, matching posts from Jeff Grubb who again shared the page.

The 2074 date more or less corresponds to the fall of civilization in the 21st century which is mentioned several times in the two PlayStation games (Zero Dawn and Forbidden West), in which it is set at 2066. The real story of the Horizon games occurs about a thousand years later.

Sony announced that Horizon will be expanding into a multimedia franchise in May along with two other PlayStation franchises: God of War and Gran Turismo. Not much more is known about Horizon 2074 than that it’s coming to Netflix.

Horizon: Forbidden West, the second game in the franchise, was released earlier this year. Furthermore, the series explores a new platform with a virtual reality game called Call of the Mountain coming to the PlayStation VR2.

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