Netflix teases fans Resident Evil trailer

Netflix has released the first trailer for Resident Evil, its upcoming live-action horror drama, set to release on July 14. The video gives us a first look at the main characters Billie and Jade Wesker, who are seemingly the subjects of their father’s experiments for the Umbrella Corporation. It also shows the alternate timelines of the series, giving us a taste of post-apocalyptic London. Watch the Resident Evil trailer below.

Set in the year 2036, 14 years after a deadly virus sparked a global apocalypse, Jade Wesker fights to survive in a world overrun by bloodthirsty infected and insane creatures. In this absolute carnage, Jade is haunted by her New Raccoon City past, her father’s horrifying connections to the Umbrella Corporation, but most importantly, what happened to her sister, Billie.

The live-action Resident Evil series is based on Capcom’s hit video game franchise and comes from Supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb, who serves as writer, executive producer and showrunner. It will reportedly take place between two timelines with the same protagonist.

Starring John Wick actor Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, the evil head of Umbrella Corporation. The character was previously played by Jason O’Mara and Shawn Roberts in the Milla Jovovich-directed live-action films, and by Tom Hopper in the recent reboot Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

The eight-episode series is also written and executive produced by Mary Leah Sutton, with Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer and Oliver Berben serving as executive producers.

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