Netflix announces BioShock movie

The stories about a BioShock movie have been doing the rounds for some time, but this time, according to the Netflix Geeked Twitter account, it’s finally happening. In a tweet, the streaming service announced that it will make the live-action adaptation together with 2K and Take-Two.

There is currently no writer or filmmaker associated with the project, although the film has been in the pipeline for nearly a year.

BioShock came out in 2007 as a spiritual successor to SystemShock. The game takes place in a fictional underwater city called Rapture, where players are mysteriously attracted to the city only to learn that the city was originally created to be a safe haven for rich and powerful people. Rapture eventually became an underwater hell, with terrifying creatures called Big Daddies.

BioShock got two more sequels with BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite. A new BioShock game is currently in development without original developer Ken Levine, at a new studio called Cloud Chamber.

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