Amazon in talks for a Mass Effect series

It seems very likely that Amazon is planning to develop a new TV series based on Mass Effect!

According to a report (from Deadline), Amazon is currently investigating how to properly follow up on the recent success of the sci-fi series The Wheel of Time. Reportedly, the arrows are now aimed at the Mass Effect franchise. Amazon Studios seems to be already close to a deal with Electronic Arts to create a series within the popular world of Mass Effect.

This would also put an end to rumours about a Mass Effect film. For years there has been talk about a possible film, which just won’t get off the ground. According to those in the know, a clear problem with a film is the limited playing time. Would it be possible to tell a good, Mass Effect-worthy story in two hours at the most? In any case, choosing a series would immediately solve that problem.

For now, all Mass Effect fans will have to make do with a teaser for Mass Effect 4. Time will tell whether this franchise will actually be translated into a streaming service. Go Amazon!

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