Epic Games reportedly working on a Fortnite movie

Epic Games is reportedly working on a Fortnite movie as part of the company’s plans to expand its entertainment offerings.

A message from The Information states that a Fortnite film adaptation has been talked about for a long time. These talks appear to be part of Epic’s plans to start an entertainment division that will focus more on “written video programming” in order to increase the studio’s brand.

According to the report, three former Lucasfilm employees have joined Epic Games this year, including Epic’s new president of Special Projects, Jason McGatlin. He previously served as vice president of Physical Production at Lucasfilm and was executive producer of all Star Wars films released by Disney. He is joined by Lynn Bartsch and Chris Furia.

Although Fortnite itself does not yet have films and series, there are films and series that were shown in Fortnite. There have been a lot of crossover skins in the game and events. Star Wars, among others, had a big event in the game where Star Destroyers came to the island and all players got Lightsabers.

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