Second season of The Witcher teased

Last week during E3, Netflix already showed the first images of the new season, but then it was just a few seconds. It was also revealed that on July 9 ‘WitcherCon’ will be held by Netflix and CD Projekt Red. It focuses on both the TV series and the games, there are will be panels with the film crew and developers. Just prior to that a new teaser released for the second season. We can now hope for a full trailer on WitcherCon.

The Witcher is one of the most successful new series from Netflix and is based on books of the same name around Geralt of Rivia – although elements from the games of CD Projekt Red are also used here and there.

The second season covers, among other things, the Blood of Elves story. That’s the first full-length The Witcher novel – the stories before that came out as short stories – and centers on Geralt and Ciri training together in Kaer Morhen.

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