Splinter Cell animated series first look at Sam Fisher

Netflix released the very first image of the Splinter Cell animated series. The show, with John Wick’s Derek Kolstad at the helm, has been in development for quite a while already but is starting to take form now.

Derek Kolstad says, in an interview with Collider, that the first season of Splinter Cell has been officially green-lighted, and that season 1 will contain a total of eight episodes of approximately 30 minutes. The plan is to give the project at least 16 episodes. That means that a second season has to be added (which has not yet been given the green light from Netflix)

Each season of Splinter Cell stands on its own, separate from the main character’s evolution. The series will have an overarching story and a backstory. Derek Kolstad likes the idea of following two different timelines in the new project and getting to know a character in his current form and how he got started.

Don’t expect Splinter Cell anytime soon though. Kolstad says that the release in 2021 will not happen. He estimates that it will take about 18 months before the animated series actually appears on Netflix.

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