The Last of Us season 1 based on first game

The Last of Us for HBO will use dialogue from the original game, says executive producer Neil Druckmann, but we’ll also see episodes “that differ a lot” from the events of the game. The Last of Us is one of many planned PlayStation adaptations for film and television, and now that both the roles of Ellie and Joel have been cast, fans are wondering how much the HBO series will resemble the original story.

“We’ve talked for a long time about season 1 of the show, which should be the first game,” explains Druckmann, arguing that for Craig Mazin and him, “the philosophical underlay of the story” is essential to the adaptation. But, does a character have to wear the same shirt? This may be different, as it is less important to us than who these people are at the core and how they experience their journey. “

“Sometimes things remain quite similar. It’s funny to see how my dialogues from the game are sometimes taken over word for word in the scenarios for the HBO series. But sometimes there is also a lot of deviation because it is just a different medium”, said Druckmann.

“For example, there is so much action in the game that you have to train the player and let them practice with the mechanics,” he adds. “You need more violence and spectacle in a game than in a TV series. You shouldn’t have to let the viewer practice with the different guns. So that’s very different. HBO convinced us to use less hard action and focusing more on the characters. “

Druckmann couldn’t say too much about the exact plans for the series compared to the game, of course, but he does explain that viewers will recognize dialogue – but also be surprised by the episodes.

“Some of my favorite episodes are very different from the game’s story, and I can’t wait for everyone to see them.”

The Last of Us is currently still in production at HBO. Joel is played by Pedro Pascal. He previously played Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones and had the lead role in The Mandalorian. Ellie will be portrayed by Bella Ramsey. She is also a Game of Thrones actress, she played Lyanna Mormont.

Craig Mazin is the driving force behind the series. He wrote the screenplays for all episodes and is executive producer with Neil Druckmann. Two years ago he worked on the top series Chernobyl.

It is not yet known when the Last of Us will come out. In any case, we should not expect the series in 2021.

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