DOTA: Dragon’s Blood hits with two new videos

The upcoming animated series tells the story of Davion, a Dragon Knight who has the noble dedication to wipe evil from the world. Meanwhile, events are unfolding far greater than Davion could ever imagine. Check out the newest trailer!

The internet has also found a secret video about the upcoming anime series. People noticed that each of the four released posters hold a part of a QR code. Put together they formed a link to a teaser of the anime series. The clip was shared by @wykrhm:

The fifteen second video shows Terrorblade, the Demon trapped in Foulfell. Is he the source for the voices that Davion suddenly hears in the official trailer?

The eight-episode anime series is based on the fantasy world of the hit game DOTA, made by Valve. The animation is done by Studio MIR, the South Korean studio that was also responsible for The Legend of Korra. The visuals seem to be in order, now we’ll just have to wait and see how the story turns out.

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