Pedro Pascal casted for HBO ‘The Last of Us’ series

The HBO series The Last of Us, based on the PlayStation game, has attracted actor Pedro Pascal to step into the shoes of Joel. He is known for the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Ellie will be played by actress Bella Ramsey, of Game of Thrones fame.

Neil Druckmann, one of the directors of developer Naughty Dog and writer for The Last of Us, confirmed on Twitter that Pascal will be playing a role in the upcoming TV series. Pascal is not specifically mentioned for the role of Joel, but Druckmann confirmed his arrival with the text ‘there is the other half’. He is probably referring to the earlier message from The Hollywood Reporter that actress Bella Ramsey, known for the role of Lyanna Mormont from Game of Thrones, has been recruited to play the role of Ellie. Druckmann then confirmed that Ramsey will be part of The Last of Us.

The original The Last of Us game focuses on the bond between Joel and Ellie. The game is renowned for its emotional story. This story will probably also be central in the TV series of HBO, Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions, but few details are known about this. Earlier it was clear that Craig Mazin is responsible for adapting the games to the TV series; he was previously responsible for the HBO series Chernobyl.

PlayStation Productions is a production company of Sony and was set up in 2018 to film PlayStation titles. The company has set ambitious goals to get their IPs to the big screen. HBO’s The Last of Us does not yet have a release date.

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