Monster Hunter removed from theaters in China

China is no longer showing the Monster Hunter film. Although the film has already premiered, it is immediately removed everywhere in the country. The reason turns out to be a joke that doesn’t go well: “What sort of knees are these? Chi-knees. ”.

The joke in question is made in the film by Chinese-American actor Jin Au-Yeung (known in some circles as MC Jin) while pointing to his own knees. Although the joke itself is translated completely different in the Chinese subtitles, there were apparently enough viewers who got the joke.

According to the agitated viewers, it is deeper than a silly joke. As a substantiation, the protesting people give that it opens up old wounds, because it is reminiscent of a rut that was used much in the past by English-speaking countries. That would be “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these”, followed by gestures that mimic Asian facial features.

It does not stop with a simple film burning. Capcom has had to apologize to fans and there are even people calling on the actor in question to apologize to China. In addition, a significant review bomb has now also been ignited on the game Monster Hunter: World.

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