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For so long fans have been waiting for a solid film adaption of Metal Gear Solid franchise. Chances of a cinematic experience grew over recent years, but here we are in 2020, and nothing to see yet. So we’ll bring you up to speed on what has happened so far and if you should get your hopes up.

We go a little back to 2012 when Konami first announced that Avi Arad (responsible for producing a lot of Marvel movies) would be helping with the adaption of the game into a movie. 2 years later in 2014, a director was brought on in the name of Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island). In March 2015 it was said that the movie was still making progress behind the scenes, in a slow pace, but still moving along.

Then two years of radio silence came to be. During those two years, Hideo Kojima, the godfather of Metal Gear Solid, left Konami. It is reasonable to think that this impacted the progress of the movie, but there has been no official news on that. At the end of 2017 finally an update came. It was announced that writer Derek Connolly (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) was going to write the script.

It was also in that year, that Jordan Vogt-Roberts shed some light on the story, stating that the movie was not going to revolve around any specific Metal Gear Solid Games. Forward to 2018, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts said during the San Diego Comic Con that he and Derek Connolly turned in the script and were now working on rewrites. Things seems to move faster following up with 31-days of amazing concept art from various artists (some can be seen down below).

But after that, not much news came out. There were some interviews, but nothing we didn’t already know. It’s now 2020 and the coronavirus brought the whole industry to a stand still. Jordan Vogt-Roberts had this to say about it during last summer:

I thought I was going to be on set on this movie a year ago. Right now, there’s a bunch of… COVID has sort of changed everything and we’re figuring out a bunch of stuff. I have no idea when it’s going to go. I will fight for it every single day.

Not much details were given on how the pandemic has impacted the movie, but it’s easy to understand that there is some significant impact.

So now that we have brought you up to speed, let’s keep to the positive news, that they are still working on a Metal Gear Solid Movie which has some sort of script. And when this pandemic settles down, we will hopefully hear some good news about casting.

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