Halo TV series has restarted production

The Halo series is all set to finish filming now that the cast has returned back to the set. If you forgot the Halo TV series was coming up, then you’re not alone. Don’t worry, we’ll bring you up to speed again.

Since the release of the very first Halo video game (2001) there have been rumours about getting the franchise to the big screen. Fans however, had to wait 12 years on the first big news when Steven Spielberg was announced to back the production. Fast forward 6 more years and filming finally started in 2019. Earlier this year the coronavirus pandemic shut down filming.

Actually, not much information has been released so far. But now they are back to filming and the Halo TV show set to arrive in the first quarter of next year, we can be hopeful of seeing something from the much-anticipated video game adaptation real soon. 

But that’s not the only great news that came out this week. It was revealed that the role of Cortana has been recasted. Bringing in Jen Taylor to the show, who you know as the original voice actress of Cortana in the Halo games. Natascha McElhone was originally casted in a dual role, playing both Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey. She will now only portray Dr. Halsey.

The Showtime series is a collaboration between the game developers of 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Otto Bathurst is set to direct the first season. His name will sound familiar to fans of Peaky Blinders and Black Mirror, which he directed.

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