Netflix working on Beyond Good & Evil movie

Netflix is ​​making a movie of Beyond Good & Evil, the video game from 2003, of which a sequel is also in the works. Rob Letterman, director of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, would be directing the movie.

What the film is about is not yet clear. The first game, however, is about the planet Hillys, which is invaded by the alien race DomZ. The Alpha Section is tasked with protecting Hillys, but suspicions are raised that they are plotting together with the DomZ. Recruited by a resistance network, protagonist and photojournalist Jade is tasked with uncovering the possible plot.

Perhaps the movie has more to do with the second game, which is not out yet. That long-awaited game takes place in a time period before that of the first game and the characters from the first part do not return in the new game. The game takes place in System 3, a galaxy populated by humans as well as hybrid creatures created by mega corporations to serve as slaves on space colonies.

So it appears we can start the guessing game.

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