Netflix announces Assassin’s Creed

Netflix is making one thing very clear: gamers need a subscription to their streaming service. Castlevania, Resident Evil and The Witcher are all major gaming franchises that have or will get their own series on Netflix.

We can add another big franchise to the list: Assassin’s Creed. The streaming service announced this week that it has signed a deal with publisher Ubisoft. The two companies will jointly set up multiple Assassin’s Creed projects. The first project will be a live-action series. Ubisoft promises an “epic genre-transcending” experience.

At the time of writing, a showrunner is being sought to oversee the project. Netflix has a short teaser ready for you as a sweetener.

It’s only ten seconds, but diehard fans have already spotted a hint in it. The music comes from Ezio’s Family, the theme of Assassin’s Creed 2. Are we going back to the world of the original trilogy, The Adventures of Ezio?

In addition to the live-action series, according to Ubisoft, you can also count on “multiple animated and anime series.” Think of Castlevania, for example.

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