Ryan Reynolds at his best in Free Guy

What if you are one of those NPCs, computer controlled characters? A casual passer-by who lives in the virtual world of a game, put in the game purely as a filler. That’s practically the synopsis of Free Guy, one of the few big blockbusters to be released in theaters this year.

Ryan Reynolds plays a bank clerk named Guy who discovers that he is actually a non-playable background character in an open world video game. A big shock, but he decides to become the hero of his own story, one that he rewrites himself. In a world where there are no boundaries, he is determined to be the man who will save his world in his own way from being closed forever

The release of Free Guy is scheduled for December 21, 2020. That would mean that the film will just get a cinema release. But in reality that of course depends on the developments around the corona virus. If not enough cinemas are open, the film may be released online on Disney +, or be postponed considerably. Watch the trailer down below.

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