The Batman: Check out this insane trailer

DC Comics dropped the very first The Batman trailer en the movie looks like it’s going to be badass!

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy will go down in history as one of the greatest superhero series ever. Yet about 8 years after the last standalone Batman movie, a new flick is made around the dark superhero. And the first images are surprisingly good. In fact, the first trailer is pretty badass.

During DC FanDome we finally got to see the first images of The Batman. The superhero’s new “soft reboot” is yet another film adaptation of one the most iconic superhero. Yet DC Comics knows how to do something new with the hero every time.

The Dark Knight franchise was realistic, Joel Schumacher did it over-the-top and comical, Tim Burton took a lot of inspiration from the comic books. Now the baton has been handed over to Matt Reeves. Together with the new Batman, Robert Pattinson, he will tell a grounded and quite dark Batman story based on a trailer.

Don’t forget to watch the trailer in 1080p!

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