Mewtwo Strikes Back remake coming up

The Pokémon Company revealed that Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back, the very first Pokémon movie, will get a remake. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, as it is called, will be completely CGI made.

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution revolves around Mewtwo, who is created out of Mew’s dna. The movie will appear today in Japan’s cinema’s. A Western release date is not yet known. It is highly likely the movie will come straight to DVD for all other countries given the fact that that is what happened to the last movies.

The remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back is part of the Mewtwo Year where Pokémon Company is celebrating the Pokémon. We can expect more content surrounding Mewtwo this coming year. Check out the trailer below.


Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution isn’t the only Pokémon movie coming out this year. Warner Bros’ live action movie Detective Pikachu will be in theaters from May 10th starring Ryan Reynolds.

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