Metro 2033 movie halted

Sad news for Metro 2033 fans. A big screen adaption won’t be coming for a while. MGM studio’s, who bought the rights for a movie back in 2012, has cancelled all productions around it.

The reason for cancelling the movie seems to be a disagreement over the script. Writer Scott Frazier, also responsible for the Gears of War movie, was planning to Americanise the movie, while the charm of the Metro series lies within the Russian character of it.

A movie setting in Washington D.C. has therefor been crossed out and the movie rights transferred back to Metro writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, who is hoping to find a new studio who does want to stay true to the books and the story. Glukhovsky had this to say about it:

“The project with MGM optioning this book and developing a script had brought us to nothing and the rights reverted to me. So currently we are speaking with a new set of producers about a possible adaptation but this is a very long and difficult process. I’m still optimistic. We’ll see if the release of Metro Exodus can push the IP across a little bit the oceans and see how that works.”

Glukhovsky states that a lot of movie producers are afraid to make stories in a Russian setting. Producers know Americans like American stories and are not keen to making a Russian one. But why did the books and the games sold millions of copies worldwide then:

“It’s probably not as improbable now that people would accept a story happening in Moscow because that’s going to be the unique selling point. We’ve seen the American version of apocalypse a lot of times and the audience that like the genre are educated and saturated and not really wishing to get anymore of that.”

To be fair, hats off to Dmitry Glukhovsky for standing his ground. Hearing this, we would rather have no movie than a movie that does not stay true to the book. We hope he can find a new producer willing to take on the movie.

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