Alan Wake gets own TV series

An Alan Wake live-action tv series is officially in development now it has signed a writer and producer. 

When the serie is scheduled to appear is not yet known. What we do know is that Peter Calloway, known for the recent Legion tv series, will produce the adaption. Sam Lake, the original writer of Alan Wake, will be writing the script himself. Lake is believed to play a huge part in the production of the movie as well.

The story from the game will serve as a starting point for the series. The lore will expand and certain aspects of the game will be explored much deeper. Characters that have served as an obstacle or as an ally in the game will get their own stories in the serie. We will most likely not get a serie that is in “lockstep” of the game, but will see a broader view of the universe and the lore.

The Alan Wake tv series is still in an early stage, so it is highly likely we will have to wait until 2019 to get some more information. Several studio’s however have already showed a lot of interest in the adaption and are keen to taking on the project.


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