Uncharted movie picking up pace

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series is taking it’s last steps towards the big screen.

Director Shawn Levy confirmed this when he was asked about his schedule: “The closest to the starting line is Uncharted, it is a massive title.” Levy, known for Arrival and Stranger Things, stated that the script is very good. Combine this with superstar Tom Holland, who plays the new Spiderman, and we have a recipe for a great movie.

Sony acquired the rights for the movie several years ago. It appeared to be a tough road, surviving several changes in cast and crew. Until more recently the project picked up the pace when Tom Holland was announced to take on the lead role.

Not much is yet known about the script, but it is widely believed the movie will act as a prequel to the game franchise. Given the young age of Tom Holland it seems more than likely that he will portrait a younger version of Drake.


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