Master Chief confirmed for Halo tv series

Master Chief has been confirmed to appear as the major lead character in the upcoming Halo tv series, according to Gary Levine, president of programming at Showtime.

The Halo tv series were announced back in 2013 and would be produced by no one other than Steven Spielberg. Some years have passed, but the tv series is still on it’s way since Showtime previously announced it ordered 10 live-action episodes for a first season.

The show will still be produced by Steven Spielberg and Rupert Wyatt, known from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, is set to direct the movie. The script is being written by a less known name in the likes of Kyle Killen who recently stated¬†“the tv series will cover a completely new story and we will respect the canon. We are working together with people from Microsoft and 343 Industries to make sure that we stay true to the lore.”¬†

Not much more is known about the story than the role for Master Chief, but we might expect his AI-friend to appear as well in the tv-series together with other characters known from the games. It would also make sense to start somewhat at the beginning of the story so they can move up along the lore if they opt for more seasons.

A release date is not yet confirmed. But, given the immense universe that Showtime wants to create Halo in, it is best to expect somewhere 2020 since shooting will take place in 2019, according to Levine.

It’s still a long wait, but we will keep you updated!


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