Metal Gear Solid script finished

July 13, 1987 was the release date of the original Metal Gear on NES. Several games and years later we are looking upon a Metal Gear Solid movie. It has been in the works for some time now, but according to director Jordan Vogt-Roberts the script has been completed. 

When Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima officially left Konami, many fans of the franchise were concerned about what its future would look like. And not just in terms of the Metal Gear games, either, as fans also feared that the Metal Gear Solid movie would also be negatively affected by Kojima’s absence. But director Jordan Vogt-Robert is committed to respecting Kojima’s legacy, which we think is a great thing.

According to Vogt-Roberts, who gained fame for directing Kong: Skull Island, the script for the Metal Gear Solid movie will not be based on a single storyline from the games, but it has drawn inspiration from the entire series as a whole instead of one single plot. However, it’s still anyone’s guess as how this will exactly translate to the big screen. Vogt-Roberts previously expressed his desire to include Sniper Wolf, Cyborg Ninja and fourth wall-breaker Psycho Mantis. Off course Snake will be in it as well and no one less than Christian Bale was curious for the role in an earlier stage.

We will have to wait a bit longer, but we will bring you more news when we get it!


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