Monster Hunter movie starts production in September!

Capcom’s movie adaption Monster Hunter is rumoured to have a budget that floats at around 60 million dollars. This amount should be sufficient to deliver a well designed movie. The shooting of Monster Hunter will most likely take place in South-Africa and will start production in September this year.

Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich has been given a still unspecified role in the movie. Jovovich’s husband Paul Anderson, who is also the writer of all 6 Resident Evil movies, has written the script and is going to direct the movie as well. This will sure be another great collaboration between the two.

The movie will picture an average American, we got a good hunch that this is going to be Milla Jovovich, who will be pulled into a parallel world filled with monsters. Eventually the parallel world will collide with ours, causing mass chaos as monsters invade our world.

Anderson revealed his interest in adapting the Monster Hunter videogame to the big screen back in September 2012. Fast forward to November 2016 and we see the first official statement about the movie. Anderson even stated he wants to do more than one movie about the franchise.

The movie will probably lift of the big succes of the franchise. Especially with the megahit of Monster Hunter: World last year, which has become Capcom’s bestselling game till date. The franchise is massively popular in China and Japan.┬áIf this is going to have an influence on the movie we will have to see.


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