H1Z1 coming to PS4 this month!

Battle royale-game H1Z1 is launching this month. Daybreak Games has confirmed May 22nd as the the date for the first open beta. Later this year the game will be officially released.

H1Z1 is a free to play battle royale game. It supports up to 150 players to compete against with up to groups of 5. The game is a direct port-version of the PC game that was released earlier this year. Some adjustments have been made to make the game more console-friendly. The most notable differences is the removal of the crafting system. In addition loot collection and inventory management have been simplified.

H1Z1 officially released in 2015 and had several game modes, including the most known DayZ-style open-world survival game and battle royale. A last-man-standing mode was also one of the modes that was available. That mode was designed with the help of Brendan Greene, who would later create PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.



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