The Witcher Netflix-serie is coming in 2020

The Witcher serie that is currently being produced by Netflix is getting 8 episodes and a release in 2020. The takes will be shot in Eastern Europe. The serie will be based on the same books that brought us The Witcher videogame.

Lauren Schmid Hissrich, the producer of the serie, has announced these details. She speaks of 8 episodes filled with an immersive storyline and action.

The script still has to been written, Hissrich stated earlier that she finished the pilot already. For the writing of the other 7 episodes several other writers will be involved. It is not yet known when exactly the Netflix-serie can be seen, but Hissrich aims for 2020. The shooting-location is also a logical explanation for the series.

Last year Netflix announced a Netflix-serie based on The Witcher. The serie is based on the 8 books of Andrzej Sapkowski en are not directly related to the games, but the games are based on the 8 books as well. The Polish writer has been given a role as creative consultant for the dramaserie.


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