Battle royale coming to Battlefield

Dice is currently developing a battle royale-mode for the upcoming Battlefield game. Sources close to the game even claim they have a working prototype already.

Given the recent succes of battle royale-games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, more developers are looking into adding the game-mode to their upcoming games. One of the more major developers, Dice, wants the game-mode included in the new Battlefield game, which will be released somewhere in October.

However, the sources claim the battle royale-mode will be released as an update or expansion. The reason for that is that it will be too hard to meet the deadline for the initial release. If this will be a free update or expansion, we don’t know yet.

The new Battlefield has not been shown yet, but will be playable on EA’s Play-event before the E3 in June. We hope on getting some more news then.

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