Next Assassin’s Creed might take place in ancient Greece

Only a couple of months ago we saw the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins, which took us to Egypt. Long it has been hinted that the a new title “Dynasty” will take us either to ancient China or Japan. But now close sources to the franchise have stated the next game will take place in Greece. 

The sources said there have already been explicit hints for the next instalment to take place in Greece. Raphael Lacoste, Art Director for Assassin’s Creed, posted a tweet a while back in which he only said: “Meteora, Greece” followed by a photo. And also in Origins we explored a little bit of Greece already in the city of Alexandrië.

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The exact time period is not yet known. According to the source it will take place in “ancient Greece”. But this could mean several time periods. We could see a game in classic Greece or maybe in a Greece during Roman or Ottoman control. Maybe it could even take place during the Trojan war. The choices seem endless with Greece and we can’t wait until the official announcement.

According to the source, the game started development just before the release of Origins and it should appear in 2019. The game will be coming out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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