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DayZ available this year!

Developers at DayZ have confirmed the game will be released for Xbox One this year. 

DayZ has been in Early Acces for quite some time now. In 2013 the game was released for Steam and labeled as Early Acces. The game will now move also to Xbox Game Preview which is Microsofts Early Acces platform.

DayZ once started off as a modification for Arma 2 and has since been the most popular zombie survival simulator. It was so popular that Bohemia Interactive started working on the DayZ Standalone which is now in Early Acces on Steam.

Equipped with just cloths you drop into the world. Searching for food, medication and supplies to help your survive the harsh world. Zombies infest the planet and it is your mission to stay alive. Build your base or live as a nomad. Play with friends or explore the world alone, but always be aware of other players. You never know who is friendly or not. Once dead you will have to start all over.

The game will also come out for Playstation in the future, but there is no release window for that yet. In the meantime you can play the game on Steam for £ 23,00.


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