New Fable in the works

Microsoft has plans on bringing the Fable franchise back to life and create a fourth instalment in the series.For this 4th Fable game Microsoft chooses for a different studio. Lionhead was responsible for the first 3 games, but now it is rumoured Playground Games will be in charge. Playground Games is a British studio which was also responsible for Forza Horizon. According to Eurogamer Microsoft has not yet officially responded.

The new Fable game will again be an RPG game which is usually heavily focused on story and character development. 200 people will be assigned to develop the game. Don’t expect a release any time soon though. The game is still in early development.

Microsoft has cancelled a fourth Fable instalment, Fable Legends, two years ago and departed from Lionhead. According to Eurogamer Microsoft has renewed their interests in the Fable franchise due to the huge succes of Horizon Zero Dawn.

A release window is not yet known. It seems we will have to wait on the confirmation from Microsoft first and take it from there. Keep you updated!

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