Total War: Three Kingdoms announced

Sega has announced a new installment for the Total War series. Three Kingdoms, as it is called, will take the player back to ancient China.The game is set in 190 A.D., the time where the Han-dynasty started to decay. A child emperor sits on the throne, but in reality the tiran Dong Zhuo controls everything. Three kingdoms forge a pact to save China and return it to its former glory, but personal ambition stands in the way of this collaboration. Total war is the result. The player must bring the Three Kingdoms back in line in order to defeat Dong Zhuo.

Nothing is yet known about the gameplay, actually the only information available is the information above, but it appears we will see legendary lords in this instalment just like in the Warhammer games.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set for a release in fall this year for PC. Steam has shortly announced September 6th, but has now removed the date.

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