Tom Clancy’s The Division announced new free update

The Division will get a huge update with extra content for players. Ubisoft announced it is working on the biggest update so far and it will be free to all players. Resistance, as the 1.8 patch is called, will be released this fall.

With Resistance players are able to experience two new game modes: Resistance and Skirmish. Included in the new patch will also be a new area: West Side Pier. With this new area players get acces to two new zones. A new social hub will also see the light of day under the name of Camp Clinton.

The game mode Resistance will be a PvE-mode. In this mode different factions will work together to fight the agents. Teams of a maximum of 4 agents will have to survive as long as possible against multiple waves of AI. Skirmish will focus on PvP. Two teams of each 4 agents will combat each other to kill as many opponents in a certain time limit.

The new update should be available this fall for all platforms.

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