Newest Pokémon RPG, what we want to see

Last E3 Nintendo made one of their biggest announcements since the Nintendo Switch. A Pokémon RPG is coming to the Nintendo Switch. When the game will see the light of day is not yet known but will mostly likely be by the end of next year. We are already looking forward though. Therefore, we have made a list of what features we want to see in the next Pokémon RPG and hopefully someone at Nintendo reads this article too.

Multiple regions

It has been asked for already by many fans. A Pokémon game which covers multiple worlds. We want to explore the old regions as well as the new ones. Pokémon Gold and Silver were the last games which let players explore the older regions. How cool would it be if you can travel back to Johto and experience the older regions all over again.

All Pokémon in one world

Not only do we want the older regions in the game, we also want to be able to catch all previous available Pokémon. Ash Ketchum has been walking around with his Pikachu in every new region since forever. Why can’t we do the same? We want to go back and catch our own favourite Pokémon and adventure with them through the newest regions. How much diversity will there be in the game because of just that.

More customisation

We want more customisation options for our trainer. A RPG is all about improving your character and you want your character to have a certain look and feel. The last 2 games already brought us new customisation options, but we would love to see more available.

Open world

Give us a truly open world feel like in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. The Switch has shown it can handle games like that. It would be a dream come true to see the Pokémon brand receive the same sort of treatment. No more pre-made routes for you to take, but venture the wilds instead.


Who doesn’t remember the minigames from Pokémon stadium? We would love to see the feature back installed so you can play them with your friends once again. The Switch is all about local multiplayer, so why not give us a nice distraction from all the rpg.

Did you miss anything? Let us know below what you want to see in the game!


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