FIFA Street is back!

Gamescom is live and we have seen some big surprises already. But that hasn’t stopped developers from giving us more surprises. Well today not a developer, but a fan leaked footage of what appears to be FIFA Street. The game used to be fairly popular and it is not known why EA cancelled the franchise. Fans have therefore been calling EA to develop a new FIFA Street. It appears EA has listened to the fans.

Last night on Twitter a video was leaked by AlkegYTIt shows someone playing FIFA Street in FIFA 18 on Gamescom. Therefore it appears it won’t be a standalone game anymore, but will be a feature in the upcoming FIFA 18.

In 2005 the first FIFA Street was released. Grass was replaced by the concrete fields where many of the biggest stars where once to find. The game wasn’t about tactic and positioning, but it all revolved around tricks. Ronaldinho giving away nutmegs, Roberto Carlos making 5 scissors in a row and Beckham showing of with a bicycle kick. That was what the game was all about, humiliating your opponent with the sickest tricks! In 2012 the last FIFA Street was released.


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