Team Liquid wins 10,8 million dollar in Dota 2 tournament

An historical achievement by Team Liquid. The Dota 2 players of Team Liquid won the massive e-sports tournament. The prize money they take home is an astonishing 10,8 million dollars. Team Liquid, fought off a 2-1 series against LGD Forever Young before winning in the Finals against Newbee with 3-0. Team Newbee will not be that disappointed since they will take home almost 4 million dollars for second place. LGD FY completes the list by placing third and raking in 2.4 million dollars. 


KuroKy, MATUMBAMAN, MinD_ContRoL, Miracle-, and GH celebrating their win
The International 2017 is the biggest e-sports tournament in the world. An unbelievable amount of 25 million dollars of prize money is set aside. The International 2016 was home to a prize pool of 20 million dollars which shows the rise in e-sports once more.

During the event there was also an artificial intelligence who took on several players. It was here that for the first time the world nr.1 player was defeated in a 1v1 against an AI.

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