Fan discovers more info on The Last of US: Part 2

It has been quiet since The Last of Us: Part 2 reveal. Developer Naughty Dog has not released more info regarding the follow up to the fan favorite. The lack of more information has send fans on a deep search to find anything more about the game. During their search they apparantly found a discovery. Seattle will most likely be the stage of the new game.

Voldsby¬†from Reddit has come to this conclusion while analyzing the trailer and concept art. Apparantly the parking signs are exactly the same as those used in Seattle. In addition, a building that is painted with the word “Driftwood” was also found in the concept art. Driftwood can be found in Seattle as well.


Not only Driftwood was linked to Seattle. RoganJosho linked another building to Seattle. Public Parking ABM has been confirmed to be in the game. Another user called “Falconbox” said that these two locations are only a few blocks apart from one another.



We know for a fact that Naughty Dog has send hidden teasers and tips in the past about their games. The Last of Us Part 2 will most likely be no different.


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