Call of Duty: WWII new killstreaks

The latest editions of Call of Duty were mostly criticised by their futuristic take. This new direction had lost sight of what Call of Duty once was. Futuristic combat with wall running and exo suits were not what the fans from the first hour wanted. Where sales once went through the roof they were now nowhere near what they once were.

Therefore Call of Duty: WWII will go back to the roots. No more sliding around, no more wall jumps. Everything has been taken a notch down. The killstreaks have undergone a series of transformation as well. As of now there are 12 killstreaks confirmed by Sledgehammer. Some of them will look familiar and some of them you will see for the first time.

What we know for sure is that the Recon Aircraft will replace the well known UAV, which  will do practically the same. Mortars will again be available and the AC-130 fan favourite will be replaced by a more world war 2 name, Ball Turret Gunner. A new streak called Paratroopers will let you drop paratroopers from the skye onto the battlefield. These paratroopers will be controlled by AI.

The Fighter Pilot will also be a new one to advance to. When activated it will give you control of the pilot as the name says. Through a series of strafe runs you can hunt the enemy on the ground down through carpet bombing. It is not likely the player can control the airplane.

Beneath you can find all the killstreaks that have been confirmed so far:

Recon Aircraft – This plane will show the location of opponents on the minimap.

Counter Recon Aircraft – This killstreak will cancel the Recon Aircraft. The enemy can no longer see your team on the minimap.

Flamethrower – The flamethrower will let you switch from you primary weapon to a flamethrower. You can then switch back to your primary and repeat the process.

Care Package – You will never know what is in it, but there will always be a random killstreak in it.

Glide Bomb – A bomb that can be placed and detonated from distance.

Mortar Strike – This killstreak will let you bombard three different area’s with mortars.

Artillery Barrage – Unlike the Mortar Strike you can call a bombardment on one location, which will have several volleys.

Flak Guns – Activating this killstreak will destroy all enemy killstreaks and renders the enemy unable to use killstreak for a while.

Paratroopers – As previously mentioned this killstreak will drop friendly AI troops on the battlefield.

Fighter Pilot – Send out a plane to drop several bombs in a straight line on the battlefield. The plane will fly several times over the battlefield.

Ball Turret Gunner – Take use of the B-17G en drop bombs all over the battlefield.

Mark November third on your calendar, because Call of Duty: WWII will then drop in stores.


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