PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds smashes new record

PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds is for many already the best game of 2017. PlayerUknown’s Battleground has already sold over 4 milion copies through Steam, although Steam Spy reported that this number has already risen to 6 milion. Steam Spy also reported a record made by PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds: there were 481.304 players logged in at the same time. Developer Bluehole can now claim the record for most simultaneous players in games not developed by Valve.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds defeats games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Fallout 4. Although the record has to be put in perspective. When we count games in that are developed by the Steam owner, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds moves to the third spot. Dota 2 is the unbeatable champions with 1.291.328 players, followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 850.485 simultaneous players.

But given the game is just in early acces en the many features that are coming ahead in the likes of mod capabilities, new maps and more customisation options this number will only rise more. PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds is therefore already one of the biggest succestories of 2017. Brendan Greene however has recently taken back the claim PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds will leave early acces in October.

The PC version is however still set for a release in 2017 whereas the Xbox One version is likely to be released next year. According to Bluehole the game apparantly already reaches a FPS of 30/40 at a capacity of 100 players on the Xbox One X though.

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