Metro 2033 movie, what we know so far

Dmitry Glukhovsky’s bestselling novel, Metro 2033, was released as a videogame in 2010. It was received very well by critics and users all over the world and became a popular culthit resulting in several sequels and spin-offs. Second sequel Metro Exodus is even set to arrive this year to the consoles. But what do we know so far about the novel coming to the big screen? Continue reading “Metro 2033 movie, what we know so far”

Monster Hunter movie starts production in September!

Capcom’s movie adaption Monster Hunter is rumoured to have a budget that floats at around 60 million dollars. This amount should be sufficient to deliver a well designed movie. The shooting of Monster Hunter will most likely take place in South-Africa and will start production in September this year. Continue reading “Monster Hunter movie starts production in September!”