Netflix offered fans a first real look at the upcoming season of The Witcher. After the events of season one, Geralt finally meets Ciri, and their fates are linked. The second season centers on Geralt and Ciri’s relationship as they travel to iconic locations such as Kaer Morhen. Check out the first trailer below. The teaser shows us Geralt and Ciri on their way to Kaer Morhen to start Ciri’sRead More →

HBO’s The Last of Us TV adaptation will be budgeted “well over six zeros per episode,” making it “the largest project to be filmed in Canada.” Damian Petti, president of IATSE 212, declined to give the exact number, while saying that each episode spends at least $10 million in budget. He hints that for some episodes it can be even more than that. “I can’t name the official budget, butRead More →

Netflix has shared more of the upcoming animation called Nighmare of the Wolf. The first trailer shows the protagonist Vesemir. Nightmare of the Wolf will be released on August 23. The trailer was shared at the very first WitcherCon. Netflix shared the short video of Nightmare of the Wolf along with the release date. Vesemir is a Witcher and Geralt’s mentor during his training. In addition, he is a friendRead More →

Netflix has cast Sophia Brown as √Čile in The Witcher: Blood Origin, replacing the role after Jodie Turner-Smith left production. The news was announced on Twitter and Netflix wrote: “Sophia Brown joins in as √Čile, an elite warrior-turned-nomad musician who is forced to pick up the sword again after a grand reckoning on the Continent sets her on a quest for revenge and retaliation.” Jodie Turner-Smith was previously cast forRead More →

HBO’s The Last of Us series has cast Dumbo star Nico Parker as Sarah, Joel’s daughter. Pedro Pascal was previously announced as Joel in the upcoming series. She will star with Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Gabriel Luna is cast as Joel’s brother Tommy. Merle Dandridge will play the role of Marlene, for which she lent her voice in Naughty Dog’s video game of the same name.Read More →

Last week during E3, Netflix already showed the first images of the new season, but then it was just a few seconds. It was also revealed that on July 9 ‘WitcherCon’ will be held by Netflix and CD Projekt Red. It focuses on both the TV series and the games, there are will be panels with the film crew and developers. Just prior to that a new teaser released forRead More →

Netflix released the very first image of the Splinter Cell animated series. The show, with John Wick’s Derek Kolstad at the helm, has been in development for quite a while already but is starting to take form now. Derek Kolstad says, in an interview with Collider, that the first season of Splinter Cell has been officially green-lighted, and that season 1 will contain a total of eight episodes of approximatelyRead More →

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games out there and now Netflix is making a series based on the game’s characters. The company showed new footage of the series called Arcane, which was first announced in May. Set in the utopian world of Piltover and in the “oppressed underground world of Zaun”, the show follows two iconic League champions, and the force that will drive themRead More →

Jamie Lee Curtis has shared a first look at Cate Blanchett as Lilith in the Borderlands movie. On Twitter, Jamie Lee Curtis, who is playing Dr. Tannis in the film, shared a “secret” photo of Lilith. Next we see a silhouette of Blanchett as Lilith. The silhouette doesn’t show much yet, but the character Blanchett will play looks a lot like the Siren outlaw from the games, with similar gunRead More →

Back in 2013, none other than J.J. Abrams said that he wanted to make a movie about the game Portal which came out in 2007. Since then, it has been very quiet around the film and it was assumed that it would no longer be made. Now Abrams has revealed that he certainly has plans for the game from developer Valve Software. He did this during an interview with IGNRead More →