The classic video game Pac-Man will see a movie adaptation. The live action film will have real actors and will be released next year. Chuck Williams – the producer behind the recent Sonic movies – has taken a liking to the genre and now hopes to bring another classic to the screen. He already has written the script for the upcoming movie. Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni is takingRead More →

PlayStation’s Horizon TV series is reportedly called Horizon 2074, indicating that it takes place during the fall of humanity a thousand years before the games. The name was shared along with a crew list on the Directors Guild of Ontario website, matching posts from Jeff Grubb who again shared the page. The 2074 date more or less corresponds to the fall of civilization in the 21st century which is mentionedRead More →

Netflix has revealed the release date, new trailer and key art for Tekken: Bloodline, the upcoming animated series based on the beloved fighting game franchise. The latest trailer for Tekken: Bloodline has confirmed that the series will be released on August 18 on Netflix. The two-minute teaser shows renowned Tekken fighter Jin Kazama in his younger days seeking revenge for his mother’s death and embarking on a mission that eventuallyRead More →

Netflix is coming with an animated series based on Cyberpunk 2077. The intro was shown during the Anime Expo 2022. Check out the teaser of the series down below! The anime was announced by Netflix in 2020. The development is in the hands of Japanese Studio Trigger, known for anime such as Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia. CD Projekt Red, the developer of the game based on CyberpunkRead More →

Sony and PlayStation are currently working together on a film translation of the popular racing games. The film should be released around August 11, 2023 and is based on a true story. It now also is confirmed that Neill Blomkamp, director of movies like District 9 and Elysium, will be directing the Gran Turismo movie. Sony previously announced that it would be filming Gran Turismo. At first there was someRead More →

Netflix announced the animated series Dragon Age: Absolution during its Netflix Geeked stream. The series has a total of 6 episodes and can be seen in December 2022. Dragon Age: Absolution is separate from the games, but is set in the kingdom of Tevinter, which is the location of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The series features new characters based on the Dragon Age lore. Viewers can expect “elves, mages, knights, Qunari,Read More →

The previously announced Gran Turismo film adaptation is not a series but a movie, and Neill Blomkamp may be directing it. Last week the news came out that Sony will make series based on God of War (Amazon Prime Video), Horizon Zero Dawn (Netflix) and Gran Turismo, the racing game will however be turned into a movie. The project is said to be in its early stages and Sony wouldRead More →

The Dutch-produced game Horizon Zero Dawn will have its own series on Netflix. This announced was made by Sony during a presentation with investors. Horizon Zero Dawn is set in an open world full of fictional flora and mechanical fauna. In the game, the players control the fighter Aloy in her mission to explore the world. The game was released in 2017. Its successor Horizon Forbidden West was released earlierRead More →

Netflix has released the first trailer for Resident Evil, its upcoming live-action horror drama, set to release on July 14. The video gives us a first look at the main characters Billie and Jade Wesker, who are seemingly the subjects of their father’s experiments for the Umbrella Corporation. It also shows the alternate timelines of the series, giving us a taste of post-apocalyptic London. Watch the Resident Evil trailer below.Read More →

AMC, the network behind series such as The Walking Dead, has announced that it will be working on an Alan Wake series. This news was shared by developer Remedy Entertainment in a video celebrating the twelfth anniversary of the Alan Wake series. Creative Director Sam Lake announces that AMC has bought the rights Alan Wake to turn into a TV series. Remedy will of course offer a helping hand, butRead More →