For so long fans have been waiting for a solid film adaption of Metal Gear Solid franchise. Chances of a cinematic experience grew over recent years, but here we are in 2020, and nothing to see yet. So we’ll bring you up to speed on what has happened so far and if you should get your hopes up. We go a little back to 2012 when Konami first announced thatRead More →

There are more than enough horror video games to find on either PC or console. But truly good horror games are a rare find. We have made a top-5 of video games that we would love to see on the big screen. 5. Dead Space With the release of Dead Space, the genre returned to its survival horror roots, and also effortlessly combined psychological horror with action and gore. TheRead More →

The Halo series is all set to finish filming now that the cast has returned back to the set. If you forgot the Halo TV series was coming up, then you’re not alone. Don’t worry, we’ll bring you up to speed again. Since the release of the very first Halo video game (2001) there have been rumours about getting the franchise to the big screen. Fans however, had to waitRead More →

Netflix is ​​making a movie of Beyond Good & Evil, the video game from 2003, of which a sequel is also in the works. Rob Letterman, director of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, would be directing the movie. What the film is about is not yet clear. The first game, however, is about the planet Hillys, which is invaded by the alien race DomZ. The Alpha Section is tasked with protecting Hillys,Read More →

Netflix is making one thing very clear: gamers need a subscription to their streaming service. Castlevania, Resident Evil and The Witcher are all major gaming franchises that have or will get their own series on Netflix. We can add another big franchise to the list: Assassin’s Creed. The streaming service announced this week that it has signed a deal with publisher Ubisoft. The two companies will jointly set up multipleRead More →

What if you are one of those NPCs, computer controlled characters? A casual passer-by who lives in the virtual world of a game, put in the game purely as a filler. That’s practically the synopsis of Free Guy, one of the few big blockbusters to be released in theaters this year. Ryan Reynolds plays a bank clerk named Guy who discovers that he is actually a non-playable background character inRead More →

In 2018, the game film Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander appeared in the role as the adventurous Lara Croft. A sequel to this movie would be released in March 2021. But it appears this timeline is nog longer achievable. During an interview with Good Morning America, Vikander stated that she hopes she can attend the shootings in 2021. Previously, these were to start in April 2020 and later in theRead More →

Another film adaptation of a game is coming up, this time it is Monster Hunter’s turn. The first teaser has just dropped. Monster Hunter will be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (also known for the Resident Evil series). Sony and IGN have released a first teaser. This will give you an idea of what exactly to expect. Actress Milla Jovovich and rapper / actor T.I. have the lead role inRead More →

Although Netflix Portugal had the trailer online for a while, Japanese developer Capcom has finally revealed the trailer for the Netflix series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness itself. The fully computer-generated series stars Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield and is also canon for the Resident Evil franchise. Where exactly this series should be put on the timeline remains unclear for now. The events in the film may take place just beforeRead More →

A film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us franchise has been talked about for years, but a few months ago it was officially announced that HBO, Craig Mazin (writer and producer of the Chernobyl miniseries) and Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog will make it a big budget series. Despite the names involved, fans are always hesitant about the filming of their favorite games. However, during a brief updateRead More →